New Members

     This Sunday, January 22, 2017 saw the installation of four (4) new families as members of our church!  Did you know that Erie United Methodist Church has been a part of the Erie, Colorado community since the town's founding in 1866?  Our church was founded that following year: in 1867.  What began as a Bible Study in the living room of Erie, Colorado's founder, Rev. Van Valkenberg has turned into a church that is still involved in the daily lives of the residents of Erie!  We are proud of our past and heritage, but we are also excited about our future.  

     Help us keep Erie UMC alive in the community.  Join us as we give to area missions and charities. Volunteer with us at the charities we support:  Agape Family Services, Erie Community Food Bank, the OUR Center, Inn Between, and others.   Help us to spread the Good Word.  Pastor Josh says it best:  "If your church disappeared would anybody in the community notice?".  Let's make sure the answer is YES.